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Every Wednesday for Four weeks

February 17, 24, March 3 , 10, 2021

10 am - 12 noon




During Covid we have all experienced massive change, isolation from social circles, financial worries, fear of illness and the uncertainty of how the future unfolds. Experts are referring to this winter phase of Covid as the Mental health impacting phase.

Let's learn to cope together!

This powerful session will help teams comes together and deal with these stressors head on and develop the tools they need to move forward and connect with coworkers, serve customers and have something left for the people that matter most at the end of the day.

By using many stories (both humorous and emotional) and a number of workshops, this session delivers on a few main goals:

1. It helps attendees understand how the changes, fear and isolation of Covid impacts their brain and body and how this can lead to bigger issues.

2. Whether its issues at work or with family or all this Covid uncertainty, you’ll learn tools to effectively deal with whatever comes your way.

3. To Inspire attendees to take action to better take care of themselves and others. Many attendees comment that they have a “light bulb” moment in this session and start to make positive changes as a result.


  • To identify when their stress switch gets triggered and how manage it.
  • How in these uncertain times many are getting caught in a “Down Spiral” and how turn it around.
  • Tools to reduce or even avoid getting stressed in any situation.
  • Ideas to help them return to the workplace and remain safe, calm and productive.
  • The top 3 foods that drag them down and keep them stressed.
  • How to boost their body’s “good mood fluid” to think and feel their best.
  • To stay resilient, focused and effective when dealing with issues or uncertainty.
  • To come together and support team members during this Covid journey.
  • Why they need to be proactive in managing the stress and anxiety of Covid and how to avoid or rebound from mental health issues.
"Absolutely without a doubt amazing!! I really connected with this! More speakers like this!" - Manitoba HR Professionals Conference
"Awesome.  Great mix of humour and emotion.  I learned some real tools to deal with stress.  Not “pie in the sky” stuff at all" - Regina Public Schools


  • Improve your teams’ psychological safety. When individuals are calm and focused they are easier to work with, make better decisions, follow proper Covid procedure and are more productive.
  • They’ll feel less stress and anxiety while returning to work and serving both internal and external customers.
  • Team members care about and support each other better through stressful times.
  • Companies experience less casual sick leave, stress leave and turnover.
  • All this improves their quality of life and work environment, positively impacting your company’s bottom line. (one employee on stress leave

"Excellent!  This is something every person should know about, so they can do something about it." - SaskPower
I think this session was perhaps the most helpful and relevant session I have been to in a long time.  I feel that I can now make some changes that will help me to feel better and ultimately be better at home and my job." - Information Services Corporation (ISC)


Darren and Darci Lang have been inspiring crowds for over 30 years. They have shown thousands how to successfully navigate change and challenges to live their best life.


  • When: February 17, 24, March 3, 10 (10 am - 12 noon). If you miss a session, you can download it.
  • Program: Includes 4 live webinars (2 hrs each) co-presentated by Darren and Darci Lang
  • Who should attend: staff members, friends or family who could use some help
  • Tickets:
    • This webinar series qualifies for funding under the Re-Open Sask. Training Grant. This program pays for up to 25 of your team members to attend.
    • Click here to see if you are eligible for grant.
    • If you’d like to apply for the grant we make it easy. Email us at and we will send you all the info you need to apply.
    • $399.00+ GST Groups of 10+ call for discounts. Attendees receive a copy of Darren’s new book “Staying Up in an Upside-down World” and Darci’s new book “Living the 90%”
    • How to register: Online link here or Call (306) 535-3233

Please forward or share this information with any team members, friends or family who could benefit from this session. 


Darren and Darci also delivers this message for individual organizations and conferences. For more information on how they can help inspire and Covid proof your group send us an email at

NOTE – A webinar for your organization may also qualify for 100% funding under the Re-open Sask. Training Grant mentioned above.

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