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Staying Up in an Upside-down World
(Tools to beat stress and feel your best)

Darren has inspired thousands to take control of their stress and spend more time…Staying Up in an Upside-down World. Using humor, inspiration and real-life stories, Darren’s book will help you to :

  • Identify when your stress switch gets triggered and how to manage it.
  • Understand how we can get caught in a “Down Spiral” and how to turn it around.
  • Reduce and even eliminate stress and remain calm and productive in any situation.
  • Boost your body’s “good mood fluid” to think and feel your best.

$30 per book

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Darci Lang's Products

Darci Lang is Darren's wife. For over 30 years, she has been inspiring Canadians to use her "Focus on the 90%" tool to profoundly change their lives.

Focus on the 90%
Canadian Best Seller

This book offers you one simple tool that will change the way you view your life. Each of us holds a magnifying glass and we get to choose what to do with it. We can focus it on the negative 10% in our lives – those things and people that bother us and drag us down – or we can choose to focus on the 90% in our lives that is positive and beneficial.

Used by thousands of Darci’s audience members, the magnifying glass has become a symbol of transformation. Relatable and authentic, Darci’s words and examples will leave you feeling empowered to take control of your happiness at work, home, and throughout your life.

$30.00 per book

includes shipping and GST


Living the 90%

Are you as happy as you would like to be?

I spend most of my life looking for happy people. I scan the faces of people and look for a smiling face.

We read self-help books, go to conferences, hear speakers and listen to podcasts on how to be happier, but does it work for you? Are you happier? Have you looked in the mirror and decided, “I have had enough of being unhappy!”

Seeing through a 90% lens will change how you view your life. It will help you focus on what is positive in your life — the things that bring you joy. Even during the worst times, there are still things to be grateful for and smile about.

This book will help you to live that way.

$30.00 per book

includes shipping and GST


Lead the 90%

LEADING THROUGH a 90% lens involves compassion, confidence and kindness in a world that demands acceptance, inclusion and understanding. The truth is, confident, caring communicators keep their teams motivated and engaged while cultivating happy and healthy workplaces. But what does it take to be a kind leader and why are kind leaders desperately needed in our world? These two questions are the basis of Kind Leadership.

After almost three decades of working with hundreds of leaders, Darci Lang has created this book to help anyone become a great leader. Filled with stories, tools, and humor, you will learn valuable lessons and, most of all, you will develop a kind attitude towards yourself and others. Kind Leadership will transform how you lead; it will inspire you to leave a positive legacy—a legacy of kindness.

$30.00 per book

includes shipping and GST


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